About Me

About Studio June

Studio June is a graphic design agency located on Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean. Since 2014, I am providing clients with of all kinds of digital artwork, photography and illustrations. My work includes logo design, brochure, booklets and flyer design, designing t-shirt prints and creating digital illustrations. I have worked on many different projects for clients in the tourist branch, wellness branch and cultural field, among others. Because of my jobs at a graphic design agency, advertising company and a publishing company, I have a lot of experience in coordination and project management as well. In other words: I can handle the job from start to finish, from A to Z. To get an idea of my work, you can check out my portfolio

In case you wondered ‘why the name?’: Studio June is named after the month my life as a mom started, back in 2004. A life changing experience which has taught me many life lessons and has brought me lots of love. It’s also the month in which I started my career as a freelancer after working for a boss for more than two decades. These two milestones were the reason for the name giving of  ‘Studio June’.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! You can send me a message or fill in the contact form.