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    Art Journaling workshop

    augustus 20, 2020

    On September 12, I will be hosting the workshop ‘Creative juices’ at Curacao Coworking in Pietermaai (which is a great place for flex working). In this workshop, you will learn the basics of art journaling and I will show you how you can get (and keep!) your creative juices flowing by using this powerfull creative tool. With the use of many materials, like pen, pencil, paint, magazines, cards and stamps, you will be able to create your own visual diary in which you can experiment with techniques, capture important moments and relieve stress or any other feeling.

    Date: Saturday September 12, 2020
    Time: 9.00 – 13.00 hrs
    Costs: Naf 159, incl. ob, materials and goodie bag

    Never heard of art journaling before?

    An art journal is a journal or notebook containing drawings, text, doodles, sketches, or mixed media elements such as collages, which you use to describe and record moments, thoughts, emotions and important values in your life. If you use an art journal, it can help you to:
    • Boost your self-confidence (let go of what others think)
    • Release the need for perfection
    • Become more mindful
    • Trust your intuition
    • Cultivate gratitude and joy

      and most of all: Unleash your creativity

    If you are interested in joining the workshop or have any questions, just contact me at [email protected]. Or go to Facebook to follow the event and get all updates. Hope to see you around!


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