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Peace of Art

By means of Farah Ayoubi, a great empowerment coach on Curacao, I started art journaling a few years ago and never stopped since. For me it is the best way to relax, find inner peace and be creative without feeling boundaries. Let me tell you all about the great workshop we developed!


Let your creativity flow

The power of art
Art journaling is a very nice and effective way to boost your creativity and to further develop yourself in personal and creative fields.
You can see it as a visual diary in which you feel safe to experiment, visualize thoughts and enrich yourself with insight, consolation, positivity
. Art journaling offers a beautiful and inspiring journey towards greater inner peace. Putting a pen, pencil or brush to paper is a powerful way of processing your stories. In these pure and authentic moments, undisguised thoughts and emotions emerge, and transformation can happen in an instant.


What can art journaling do for you?

– Boost your self-confidence (let go of what others think)
– Release the need for perfection
– Unleash your creativity
– Conquer procrastination
– Break out of your familiar molds
– Be more at peace and simplify your life
– Let go of the ‘old stuff’ that you’re still holding onto
– Become more mindful
– Trust your intuition
– Cultivate gratitude and joy

Workshop Art Journaling on Curacao and Aruba

Workshop Peace of Art
Together, Farah and I developed a workshop to share this powerful creative proces. Along with friends, family or colleagues you can enjoy a (half) day of creativity, coaching and fun by starting your own art journal. Materials like journals, paint, pencils, paper, markers, magazines and books for inspiration will be provided.

The workshop will be hosted by a coach (Farah) to guide you towards finding unique, powerful insights and a designer (Saskia) to help you with techniques and tips to enhance your artistic skills.

Pricing will vary on the number of participants, the materials supplied and the location (Curacao and Aruba). Don’t hesitate to ask for a quotation, we will be happy to inform you.

More information
Would you like to know more about art journaling or already want to give it a try? Feel free to contact us any time!  You can also visit the Peace of Art Facebook-page to find usefull tips, examples and inspiring ideas.


oktober 18, 2017