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    It’s June!

    juni 1, 2021
    It’s June! A few weeks ago somebody asked me why I choose the name Studio June for my free lance business. Although it had been a while since I told the story, it was really easy to explain. In May 2014, after spending quite some days brainstorming to find the perfect name, Studio June came out as the absolute winner. After designing the logo and filing all the necessary papers, I sat down and wrote this for my website:
    June is a month of meaning for me. Ten years ago it was the month I became a mother; a wonderfull thing that completely changed my life and enriched every day since. This year in June (2014), dreams turned into reality by setting up my own creative business.
    June reminds me of summer in Holland. We all loved the time when we had just finished another year at school with good grades, and looked expectantly at what was to come next. Looking back with satisfaction and good spirits ahead. We felt free and after working hard to afford a trip to some place in Europe, we pulled into the world, ready for adventure and new experiences. The same kind of feeling I’m enjoying right now with the start of Studio June.
    So, whenever June is here, I think back to one of the best decisions I have ever made professionaly. Even during times when work is a little slow, I know this is the way to go.
    Would you like to know more about Studio June, feel free to check out my Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Etsy shop! If you are in need of a logo, a flyer or any other graphic design, you can contact me anytime.