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    Rock this boat!

    oktober 25, 2017

    Some things in life should always stay the same, don’t you think? The heartwarming smile of a friend never gets boring, a hot cup of coffee will always be appreciated.  But, a lot of things do get better when you try something new. Think bad habits, daily routines, working on auto mode.

    Do you like your job? Does it bring happy thoughts when you wake up in the morning? To me, enjoying my work – without losing productivity out of sight, get’s more and more important.

    My life revolves around creativity. After many years I have come to a point of no return: I want to create and want to share. How lucky I am to work in this digital driven world without any boundaries. Would have been a lot different back in – let’s say the seventies, eighties or even the nineties!

    So now I’m cooking up some new things, to share my pictures, my beliefs, my sketches – or why not call it art – with the world. Starting with this blog, and in a few months I will hopefully launch my next project. Stay tuned, I’m gonna rock this boat!