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Discovery of the Bougainville

oktober 30, 2017

If you live on Curacao, you definitely recognize this beauty. Otherwise you might have seen it before, but maybe not know the name that goes along. It’s one of my favourite flowers: the Bougainville. And… a favourite of many, I guess! With its flashing color and tropical looks, it creates ambience in many local gardens and at the side of the roads. The magenta ones are most common here, but I do love the red, orange and white ones just as much.

Did you know?
This good-looking flower has been discovered during one of the expeditions of Louis de Bougainville, a French explorer in the 18th century. A little exploration of my own unfortunately did not give any results on the question where the Bougainville was actually discovered. But at least it found its way to Curacao and is cheering up our days!

Why not put some flowers on the kitchen table today and color your Monday? Have a great week!


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