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november 8, 2018

Some thoughts I want to share with you today. Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit that is already getting to me; it’s about values, love and respect. If you can relate, please let me know. To be honest, if you don’t agree, my question is to let it be and move on without telling me. Because this is not a matter to discuss, this is just the way I see it.

My statement
You don’t have to be born on Curacao to be a part of it. You don’t have to be raised by Antillean parents or be a ‘real’ Yu Korsou, to love this island.

Living our life
This is my life, right here, right now. On Curacao. Yes, I was born in the Netherlands, but that was then, this is now. My children were born on Aruba and Curacao, and I am still grateful for the caring hands that welcomed them when they came into this world.

Photo www.discoveringcuracao.com

My kids play at the beach and in the mundi, we have dinner outside, welcome some rain now and then, we soak up the sun; we enjoy the gift of Caribbean nature every day. The Chuchubi makes many hearts sing, mine too. The love of my life unfolds here, this is the place where we create unforgettable memories for our family album.


How we see things
I have profound respect for the elderly and can only hope that I may grow old like them. Sometimes I feel a little jealous when I see how people are supported by loving sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts; because once moved to the other side of the world, meant leaving most of our family behind. Many people living here, know how that feels. We live an honest life and try to meet all the demands placed on us; as parents, as a child, as citizens in this society. We have respect for everything alive, fellow human beings and animals too. We are open to the opinions of others and listen when someone tells us something. With more than average interest we listen if someone wants to share insights in local culture or takes the effort to explain traditions.

We do not violate laws, we hand out a helping hand when someone needs it. Respectful greeting when meeting somebody or entering a store, is something our children have learned early on. We participate in this society without fierce criticism and try to make the most of it, every single day.

Like a ‘real’ local

We sing along with the national anthem and have conversations in Papiamentu. We developed habits that are completely ‘in sync’ with the island, but would raise eyebrowes in the Netherlands. We speak with pride about Curacao and cheer along when the island has positive press coverage abroad.


Nevertheless, officially we cannot call ourselves Yu Korsou. It’s a title worn proud by people who are born here. And like many other things, I do respect that as well. But I was wondering, could we come up with a nice name for all those people like us, who have been living here for many, many years and are giving this country lots of love? There has to be something out there better than Makamba.


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