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The power of nature

maart 10, 2019

This has been on my mind for a while. The power of nature. I know there are tons of theories and explanations on the effects of being outside and enjoying a natural environment. I could do some research and try to explain, but probably it wouldn’t be the best explanation and I doubt if you would read it till the end. So I will just share some of my thoughts on this.

Living our busy lives, most of us don’t go outside all that often. Focussed and a little tense, keeping an eye on the clock, we try to get as much work done as possible. We see the blue sky through the open window and switch back to the screen, Facebook-blue once more. Appreciation is being expressed by just one touch on the digital heart – the word love has lost a lot of its meaning and value. Real life conversations are interupted and paused for apps that need to be answered. The focus is on Whatsapp green, instead of the trees that surround us.

Not appropriate
The nice thing is, when we do go outside, digital connection seems inappropriate, at least for most of us. Calling, apping, liking make way for laughing, running and hiking. You might say a lot of people are still glued to their screen when they’re outside, but that’s mostly when they’re still in town or on a cultivated beach. Once you really go outside, into the mundi or walking along the shore, most of us feel their Apple or Samsung should at least stay in their pocket.

True colors
Being outside means experiencing some real blue, real green and a lot of fresh, sandy or salty air. Sunkissed or covered with sand; those are the best ways to relax profoundly. When you spent time outside together, good chance you will have a great conversation and experience a real connection, no wifi required. If you walk alone, the connection might even be more intense. You will see some true colors, not only on the outside.

Flowers popping up
When I sit down with my sketchbook without a plan on what to draw or write, I have taught myself to start something anyway. Most of the time some flowers pop up. The shape and repetition of the leaves are so beautiful in their simplicity, it is calming for the eyes and nourishes the soul. That goes for leaves, feathers, coral and many other gifts of nature. The shapes and repeating lines are a huge source of inspiration. For masters in art centuries ago, and for many of us today. Patterns are the perfection of nature. Once you pay attention to it, it will astound you. A highly skilled designer must have been at work.

Make art in the mundi
The last few years I have been developing my sketching and watercoloring skills, to my great pleasure. Quite some art journals have been filled with thoughts, sketches, paintings, collages and doodles. While on vacation, I bring out my journal to sketch and watercolor a beach, some flowers or any other scene. Outside, surrounded by the power and pleasure natures gives us. Loving it. It is something I would like to do more, here in Curacao. Who wants to join?

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