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januari 13, 2018

Yes, I’m back on track after the holidays. Time was very well spent with family and other loved ones, but it’s time to get back to work and pick up where I left just before Christmas. I answered all e-mails, cleaned up the mess on my desk and started designing again. Which feels pretty good! Last but certainly not least on my short list is to write this brand new first 2018 blog.

Something is on my mind for a while now. The power of quotes. I am sure you have noticed this trend for the last few years; one liners in all kinds of fonts and colors show up on every corner of the street and your social media. Not just quotes from famous people are in vogue, catchy phrases from unknown authors are extremely popular as well. ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ are wise words Ghandi once said (at least, that’s what Google tells us!). They have been repeated over a million times. ‘Live, laugh, love’ is an order you get almost every week when checking in at some fancy place offline or online.

Nice quote at Karakter, Coral Estate

Positive and powerful
The thing is, most of those quotes on the street are so positive and powerful, they do cheer people up. How come? It’s just a few words, not even spoken by a real person, but brought to us on screen, paper, or – another trendy thing – the chalkboard. Why do we love them so much that this trend is still here after all this time? I guess this is a very nice example of how powerful the combination of image and text can be. Easy to read and with cheerful illustrations; a bunch of flowers, leaves or swirls. And, those messages are short, most of the time encouraging, heartwarming or humorous. In this hectic world, where we don’t take much time to reflect on things, those quotes are like fast food. Easy to get and little time needed to consume (although quotes are much better for your digestion, that is).

Express yourself
Maybe the best reason for this quote-hype is that it is a safe, comforting way to express yourself. To tell people what you stand for – up until a certain level. You don’t really show yourself, but let people see a bit of your values and beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging it or saying we should stop this. On the contrary, I love those easy to process positive thoughts. In my art journal I use quotes sometimes if I don’t have a lot of inspiration but want to create something anyway. If I want to lighten my thoughts, cheer up the pages.

(Unfinished) quote in my journal

Make a difference
But what I would even love more, is when we would take the risk of showing our true selves a little bit more. Not just a quote from an ancient guy or famous girl, but some thoughts of our own. In our journal, on Facebook or on the chalkboard. Nice challenge for 2018! Let’s see if I can come up with a few in the upcoming weeks.



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