About Me

About Studio June

Studio June is named after the month I started my life as a mom, back in 2004. A lifechanging experience which has taught me many lessons and has given me lots of love. It’s also the month in which I started my career as a freelancer after working for a boss for more than two decades. June 25, 2014 Studio June saw the light of day.

My life is filled with creativity. I love to work with text, colors, graphics, photos and anything else that can be used to create something new. My assignments mostly include graphic design and text editing. Sketching, illustrating and photography. Because of my jobs at graphic design agency, advertising company and a publishing company, I have a lot of experience in coordination and project management as well. In other words: I can handle the job from start to finish, from A to Z.

Would you like to know more about me and my working experience, check out the pages ‘Saskia’ and ‘Work Experience’.

Studio June is located on Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean, but do borders still matter in this online, digital world? Feel free to contact me from anywhere around the globe!

augustus 25, 2014